123movies- One site for all your favourite shows and movies

It is an online network used for streaming of files. Many movies and TV shows can be seen through these online sites free of cost. Thousands of movies and shows of all varieties are available for streaming. Many of the TV shows require paid subscriptions in order to enjoy the latest episodes. If a person wants to watch the new season, instead of going in hiding for a month due to fear of spoilers, one can search for it on 123movies. The website not only provides thousands of options but also has various servers for the best video quality.


The website is easy to maneuver and user-friendly. The homepage provides many suggestions for movies and other shows of all genres. The ‘Most watched’ and ‘Latest’ TV shows and movies tabs provide a lot of content suggestions for the viewers. On hovering over any of the movie or show options, a pop- up provides the main details of the video including the duration, IMDb rating, year and country it was released in, as well as a short synopsis to help the viewer understand if they are interested in watching it or not. m4ufree also has a search bar in which the user can type the desired movie or TV show and the related results will be showed in seconds.


The website also provides a feature used for filtering of movies and shows for easier access. In case a person wants to watch movies only from a certain time period or country, the filter helps to eliminate the other ones and only offer the ones in which the viewer would be interested. The filter option also has options like release year, type, subtitle, genres, countries and more. The filter system is very useful and the viewers do not have to browse through movies that they would not watch.

m4 ufree is a great option for those who are always looking for such websites and do not want to spend money on subscriptions to watch their favourite shows and movies. The video comes with a number of options for the resolutions and captions in many languages are also provided for the same. The website recommends more good quality shows for the viewers. It rarely lags and also gives fast service for the viewers. Even the latest movies can be watched through it.