POE stands for Path of Exile. It is an online video game that is free to play. The game is based on action role play. It was developed as well as published by Grinding gear games. During the game, a variety of currencies are dropped for the players to farm. These currencies include chaos, orb and exalted orb.

What is POE exalted orb?

Poe exalted orb is a currency item in the path of exile game that is used to improve your game by enhancing a rare piece of necessary item for your game with a new and random attachment to other things.

Just like chaos orbs, exalted orbs are also dropped by chests, destructible containers and slain monsters. They are also dropped from Strongboxes of the arcanist. However, unlike chaos orbs, exalted orbs are extremely rare (Chaos orbs are rare but not as rare as exalted orbs).

How to get more and more Exalted orbs?

One of the most popular ways of obtaining exalted orbs is to combine exalted shards (20 of them). To obtain exalted shards, one can trade various rare items of the path of exile game. To earn one exalted shard, the rare shaper items ( a full set of those) can be traded, or the rare elder items (again, a full set) can be traded to earn two exalted shards if the items traded are unidentified, you can earn up to 4 exalted shards. Another way to obtain exalted shards is to trade the mirror of kalandra for five regal orbs, one divine orb and two exalted orbs. However, this way of obtaining the poe exalted orb is not especially profitable for the player.

How to use exalted orbs?

These Poe exalted orb is highly valued and play a very important role in the economy within the game. The primary purpose of the Poe exalted orb is crafting rare high-end pieces of equipment. Because of the high value of this currency in Poe, it is regarded as the standard gold currency of trading amongst the players. Many trade deals in the Poe are listed in terms of exalted orbs (some of the trade deals are possible only with the exalted orbs, and not with any other Poe currency). However, there is no one way to use these orbs; a player can either use it directly or by adding a high-end affix to them.