Things to know about CCNA certification no one told you before

IT world is full of different fields. Mastering all of them might not be possible. However, you can focus on one or two relevant areas that interest you and suit your ambition. In order to become a real success in your chosen fields, you need to get recognized certifications and qualifications. CCNA certification has gained a lot of attention in the recent years. The certification has achieved wide popularity among IT specialists due to various reasons. One of the reasons is that it comes from a reputable provider, Cisco System. Many IT pros are also concerned about ccna certification cost.

  • Introduction to CCNA certification

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. Having this certification means that you have professional capability of running and configuring networks of medium levels. The exams and certifications of Cisco are usually for entry level network engineers and IT professionals. However, this doesn’t mean that the certifications are of less importance. In fact, the reputation of Cisco makes the certification one of the finest in the IT field.

  • Types of CCNA certifications

There are two types of CCNA certifications. These types are CCT and CCENT. The CCT stands for Cisco Certified Technicians. CCENT is the Cisco Certified Entry Level Technician. If you are interested in CCT certification, you should know that it is about a specific set of skills. Basically, it focuses on the skills of providing support and repairing for Cisco systems used in a work place. Having a CCT certification means that you can efficiently use and handle the routers, cables and other equipment from Cisco. CCENT on flip side is made for network engineers who are looking for basic jobs in the field of network support.

  • What to benefit from CCNA certification

Carrying the certifications of CCNA will help you find many positions in different fields. You can land some jobs in the field of securing and managing networks. You can also work in the business of IP addressing or LAN designing. So, all you need to do is to prepare for the test and do what you need to do. Just keep in mind that CCNA tests don’t come very cheap. There are certain methods that won’t make you worried about ccna certification cost.